I finally opened a bottle of Gale’s Conquest Ale Masterbrew 2001 recently and I wish I had used it to clear the drain instead. Ultimately that is what I did. The beer could not have ever been stellar and somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that was going to be the case. It was a tiny 9.3 ounce corked bottle which was sealed with a plastic closure. It poured flat and I doubt it was ever carbonated to any degree. It did have a nice backbone of caramel, but everything else was a mess. Luckily it was not sour although that may have masked the oxidation. An odd note was the roast in the finish. I would suggest if you happen to have this in your stash you go ahead and open the 9% ABV beer, and if some store is unlucky enough to still have a dusty bottle lingering on the shelves you pass it by. This one is a loser which probably explains why it is no longer produced!