The ATF pulled it off already, they have virtually eliminated the M855 Green Tip ammo by suggesting it would be banned from import and manufacture. Immediately the shelves are bare. I could have sworn back in the day I paid 35 cents a round or less for it and today when you can find it is nearing 50 cents and potentially more. A few places have it, one is 45 cents per round plus shipping for 1,200 rounds, but not long ago it was 36 cents per round plus shipping for 510 rounds and included an ammo can. A dime per round might not sound like much, but it is $3 per magazine and some training classes might require 10 magazines. I know I much prefer having $30 in my pocket as opposed to having to pay it out just because there is a rush on the ammo supply. I expect the end of the Green Tip is near. It won’t be illegal to own and shoot, but it will no longer be imported or sold if the ATF has their way. A shame to let them rule in such a manner and even a bigger shame when hoarding eliminates supply. With that in mind, if you want some, you better get it now before it is gone.