Looks like I may have inadvertently missed posting the January Foothills IPA of the Month. The beer was 6.4% abv, 71 IBU and brewed with Citra and Chinook hops. Since this year is dog themed the beer was named for the brewery dog, Barley. It was a very nice IPA and I’m surprised I missed posting after I had it on January 20.



For the February IPA of the Month the brewery utilized some kind of experimental hops in the  6.5% abv, 72 IBU beer named Charlie the Corgi. For me it just didn’t work well. The beer had hints of coming oxidation and seemed more like a British IPA where the hops were not showcased as brilliantly and the malt is mostly crystal. It’s a rare miss from Foothills, but for me this one did not hit the mark. Sorry Charlie!