I noticed recently some traffic coming from another blog which linked to my post suggesting Colt should bring back the Python. The author takes the time to run through why that is a lousy suggestion from a financial standpoint. I guess I should have done my homework and realized Colt used Lilliputian Pygmies to mine the ore from the volcanic fields of middle earth for forging the steel and their machinists were German transplants who’s perfection level is only surpassed by NASA and Tesla engineers and the retail cost would have to be 2-3X what I proposed. I think those who regularly frequent the blog will know I try to use at least part of my brain when making a post and had I used even a small part of the financial portion I would have seen my pricing ideas were out of whack. Still doesn’t make me want a new production Python any less. Colt should bring back the Python for people like me since it alone apparently cannot fix their money issues. At the very least my somewhat tongue-in-cheek 225 word post in December caused someone to respond with numbered points and boldface. 😉