If someone asks if we are having a Bourbon shortage the correct answer is the University answer…it depends. If you are searching for a particular bottle then you may not find it without some effort. Blanton’s seems to be difficult to come by right now and good luck finding a bottle of George T. Stagg or Colonel E.H. Taylor Single Barrel. Buffalo Trace Distillery is having difficulty keeping up with demand of their best brands and so if those are what you desire your path may be difficult. Now if you are just after a great Bourbon you actually are in luck, I’ve not noticed any of the mid to low price range Bourbons being in short supply. Buffalo Trace seems to come and go, but it is available more often than not. My suggestion for the next few years if you see a bottle you want you purchase it when you find it. A month ago my local ABC store had enough Blanton’s I would have thought it would have been in stock forever. Recently I stopped in and the shelves were bare without a bottle in sight.

So while it may be difficult to find a particular bottle it is not impossible and there are plenty of great Bourbons which are available until the bottle you are after is back in stock.