Apparently piggyback rides are frowned upon in WalMart! 

On a serious note one shopper re-positioned his firearm in the parking lot as he exited his vehicle and another shopper saw him and followed him into the WalMart and jumped him as he entered the store. This happened in Brandon, FL not too far from Tampa. While I admire the initiative of the vigilante, he certainly should have handled the situation differently. The best thing he could have done was called the authorities and alerted the store staff. Of course we all now know the other shopper had a permit and a legal right to be there, but it wouldn’t take the police or store security a second to figure out there was no threat to safety. The reason is the person with the firearm would comply with all instructions if they are a law-abiding citizen. Sure the permit holder did nothing wrong, but in all cases he should comply until the situation can be resolved. In this case our hero citizen turned out to be the vigilante villain and he was arrested and charged with battery.

So if you see a firearm and are unsure of the intentions the best move is to watch from a distance and call the authorities. If you are a concealed permit holder, the best move is to always keep it concealed, unless you want someone to jump on your back for a piggyback ride. 😉