I happened upon Buck 8 Year Old Bourbon in a SC store and have not been able to find out much about it. It is one of the Frank-Lin spirits and when it comes to their origins about all you can nail down is the state, in this case Kentucky. The price point is around $25 and that makes it worth a shot not matter which distiller made the Bourbon. As it turns out it is quite nice with caramel and vanilla and a nice level of spice in the nose along with some leather. The flavor is similar to the aroma and the finish is quite nice. It has a complex nature which makes this 8-year-old Bourbon a bargain. I like it quite a bit and at 90 proof it is not overly alcoholic. A bit of water from a large cube of ice seems to add complexity and a few minutes after pouring the flavor really shines. If you see this one, pick up a bottle and let me know what you think.