If you are a wine person you really should take the time to visit World Market or at least get on their email list. You’ll get a note almost daily from them which can be a little annoying, but it will often have a coupon off of non-alcoholic products and will alert you when they have sales on wine. Now their wine selection is not filled with high-end cellar worthy products, but it is composed of a good selection of wines you would truly have to be a snob to pass up. The deals range from X% off on Y bottles or could be all red wine on sale so read the email carefully. Recently the deal was 30% off of 12 bottles. At first that may not sound awesome, but let’s assume a $12 price point so without the sale the cost of the bottles would be $144, with it that comes out to $100.80. The general price point of their wines not on sale tends to be in the $12-20 range and you can find some great wines in that range and may find a new favorite somewhere in the mix. One word of caution, they also have many I just don’t care for so choose wisely. Of course at $10 or less a bottle you can throw caution to the wind and still not break the bank!