You would have to be under a rock to have missed the recent terrorists events in France. I just gotta say terrorists don’t appear to be very smart. They made America feel fear and anger after 9/11 and we simply haven’t forgotten. The UK has had several attacks over the years as have many other countries. France has always sat off to the side and said how terrible I think I’ll contemplate it over a baguette and some coffee. Now you have poked the bear. You see the French now understand the fear and anger and when you piss off a pacifist nation you have really screwed the pooch. Now the UN and Nato will no longer sit idly by. If you’re a terrorist in France my suggestion would be to move. The French are going to be looking for you and you forget that these are the people who loved to use a guillotine to end radical behavior. We’ll never stop all the crazy people out there, but when you have the rest of the world finally taking notice and pissed off at your activities you have messed up. Canada won’t soon forget what their homegrown terrorist did with a lever-action rifle and now France is on high alert. Better pack those bags!