Many years ago at a specialty wine shop I purchased a bottle of Ramos Pinto 10 Year Tawny Port and I must say we enjoyed it immensely. Our MO is to have port on Christmas Even and again on New Year’s Eve and to then stash it away for another year unless a snow storm forces us to be around the house in which case a port after shoveling snow is a wonderful thing. This year we drained the Ramos Pinto and it appears to now be MIA. I don’t love the bottle graphics now, they were much more attractive to me back when I bought the long ago bottle of RP, but I’d still snag a 10 year if I could find it. Hopefully I can find a specialty wine shop which would allow me to order a bottle instead of a case. I see several NC restaurants with it on the menu so it’s being distributed, just need to find that wine shop with a bottle on the shelf so now the search begins!