Earlier in December a PSA was released in which a child comes home, removes a handgun from a dresser and puts it in his backpack to take to school. At school he gives it to his teacher saying he did not feel safe with it at home. I’m not sure who had the bright idea to even make this in the first place, but the video starts with a woman sitting on the couch reading a book and next cuts to him taking the firearm from the dresser. This is wrong on so many levels and I’m not even sure how it qualifies as a PSA. If they wanted to suggest the firearm should be secured they would be correct, but the premise is a firearm in the house is evil and will somehow stop gun violence. What we have here is a nosy kid who knows exactly where mom (or sis) hid her firearm. Then our resident genius takes the firearm from the house to school. The laws being broken here by the teen are too numerous to mention.

The video is credited to Rejina Sincic who is a screenwriter and director based in San Francisco. I suspect the video was a means to bring her notoriety because no sane person would ever suggest a student taking a firearm to school is a good idea. On the bright side she did a good job with focusing, editing, and now understands how to upload a video to YouTube and disable the comment feature. Where’s the eye roll emoticon when you need one!