By now everyone has heard about the man who pulled a firearm on a Berkeley, MO police officer and was shot by the officer in self-defense. People have been protesting the shooting and what they should be protesting is criminals with firearms. The firearm in question had a defaced serial number and there can be little doubt the man carrying it was up to no good. When you pull a gun it is a show of deadly force and at least in North Carolina the person being threatened with deadly force could legally take you out. Maybe a better protest would be brandishing a firearm, if the young man had kept the firearm in his waistband he would probably be alive today. Hopefully he would be incarcerated for carrying the firearm with a defaced serial number, but he certainly wouldn’t have been shot and killed for threatening the life of a police officer or citizen. The bottom line is brandishing a firearm without cause is a bad idea.

Personally I believe all lives of law-abiding citizens matter. You don’t have to like the laws, but you do have to abide by them until they can be changed. In this case if you want to protest something, protest threatening a police officer with deadly force.