I’ve seen some articles in the past and figured the 4473 was going to change, but recently when I went with my wife to the FFL to complete a transfer noticed nothing had changed at all. In case you are not following my topic this morning a form 4473 is required to transfer a firearm. It can be filled out electronically at some stores/FFLs or in person at others. Question 10a asks your ethnicity and basically the options are Hispanic/Latino or Not Hispanic/Latino. My question is what the heck has that go to do with the price of tea in China? Then we go to race and select that. I guess I can kind of understand race, but even that gets me a bit. I’ve seen black people from South America so I guess they would tick Hispanic and then black. What would someone who was white in skin color whose parents are from South Africa do? Tick Not Latino and then tick both Black/African-American and White? American is far more diverse than the 4473 depicts, it’s a form which is trying to be politically correct and misses the mark so bad it’s laughable. Maybe the ATF has a reason for their designations and luckily I’m pretty easily pigeon-holed into one category, but I think it’s time for a change in the form. It won’t really change anything for me, but I do know if I were from a multicultural background I’d probably be slightly offended by the form.