I came across a story from two days ago about a teen who took guns and ammo to school. At first I was shocked and figured we stopped a massacre before it happened so I went looking for another article on the same story. It wasn’t long before I found one which had the same photo. The article stated they did not believe the teen was meaning to do harm, he was simply transporting the firearms to his father’s home and left them in the car while he went to school. I don’t know if I buy that completely, but what struck me isn’t what is in the photo, it is what is not.

So I spot a 30-30 lever-action and a 12 gauge shotgun. I also see a .22LR pistol and a 1911. On the table it appears he was hell-bent for leather until you peel the onion. There are what appear to be two boxes of shotgun shells, some .22LR, and some .45ACP rounds in the 1911. The magazine to the left appears to be an extended 1911 mag. What I don’t see is more than four rounds of 30-30 ammunition. Also I see at least five magazines for an AR-15 and one for an AK-47 but I don’t see those firearms and I don’t see the ammunition for them. It’s a very odd mix of firearms, ammunition, and accessories. I’m not sure at all what is going on with eleven knives in the car, nor why he thought it was a good idea to put them in the car and then go on school property, but he is in deep doo-doo.

What I always find interesting the way the police display firearms to maximize the effect the display has on the public, DA, and eventually a jury if it comes to that. Everything on the table could fit into a large ski bag. Even my first impression was WOW until I took a closer look. If the teen was up to no good I hope they punish him severely. If he made an honest mistake with his lapse in judgement I really hope this incident does not ruin his life.