Recently I had to drive onto a college campus to meet someone and I had a pistol in my car. Here is what happened when I drove, parked, met, and left, absolutely nothing. What is funny is a few years ago that would have been against the law and I could have served some serious jail time for doing what I did. Luckily H937 changed the law on October 1, 2013 so I don’t have to worry about any repercussions for simply having a legal firearm and a CHP on a college campus. Without the law I would have needed to find some safe place to stash the firearm while I went onto the campus and to me that just seems to be ridiculous, not from an inconvenience standpoint, but from a safety standpoint. Let’s say you have a business where you feel comfortable stashing a bag which contained the firearm. Once you depart you have no control over what happens to the gun. It could be stolen, misused, or mishandled. Perhaps I’ve grown jaded over the years, but I have learned we only see the good side of people and you never truly know what is going on unless you are there to witness it.

I for one am glad the law changed to allow firearms in vehicles in closed containers in locked vehicles or in locked containers in the vehicle. I wish he law was even broader, but just this small step is enough to allow people like myself who have business on the campus to legally visit and not have to find some place to store the firearm while they are on campus property. And for those critics of the law who shouted the Wild West was going to happen in NC after the bill passed, you have been proven to be incorrect in your statements and beliefs.