I purchased a fifth of Wathen’s Kentucky Bourbon some time back and finally got around to it in the queue. I wasn’t expecting too much out of it since I cannot seem to figure out where it is made other than Kentucky. Also with a price point around $30 it just didn’t seem like it would be all that wonderful. Well, I am happy to report this is a nice bottle of spirits. It is single barrel and mine is barrel number 3925 bottled on 12-5-13 so it’s been lurking somewhere for about a year which we all know doesn’t affect anything, but it’s kinda sad no one snatched it up earlier. It is 94 proof, but no indication of age is given on the bottle or neck tag. I saw someone guess this is made at Buffalo Trace, but the only indication I have to show that might be the case is how much I enjoyed the flavor and the fact the bottle is exactly the same as Elmer T Lee. Speaking of which the alcohol is unrestrained and quite potent neat, but in a glass with a single large ice cube the flavor blossoms and the alcohol is restrained. Going off memory the flavor is brown sugar, leather, caramel, and citrus with oak and spice not far behind. It’s a darn nice Bourbon at a darn nice price point. If you see it, snag it, if word gets out just how good this one is you may one day have a difficult time securing a bottle.