I wrote about DG back on December 27, 2012 and how he broke the law in DC on national television. Of course nothing happened after the incident, but due to the FOIA the letter from the Office of The Attorney General for The District of Columbia has been made public. I’ll summarize what it says into plain English so we all understand. Yes, DG broke the law and yes, we would prosecute anyone else who broke the law, but because he is part of the media we will let it slide with no charges. So if you are in the media in DC you are above the law, but everyone else is held to a different standard.

DG got the boot from NBC in August and I don’t think he has landed another news gig. I wonder if DC would let him slide now that he is no longer part of NBC if he broke the law? The message is clear, to me at least, some people are held under the thumb of ridiculous laws and others are free to do as they please. Way to go DC!