Maybe I’m naive, but I think the way Colt should solve their money woes is by bringing back the Python. My understanding is Colt discontinued them because production costs were too high, but that was back in 2000 when a wheel gun was becoming rarer and rarer and everyone was gravitating to a semi-automatic. Today the Python’s fetch ridiculous amounts when you can find one for sale. On one forum recently the asking price was over $4k and it sold within a day. Now I don’t think they could push the Python out the door at the current market prices for the firearm, but like Smith & Wesson they could easily ask $700-800+ with an MSRP of $900-1000+. A blued Smith Model 586 6″ has a MSRP of $839 and would retail for around $750. A blued Ruger GP100 6″ has an MSRP $699 and you might be able to get one for $550. It would take several years for Colt to saturate the market with new Pythons to the point people would say I’ll just go get a 586 or a GP100. Both the Smith and the Ruger are terrific firearms, but you cannot find a Colt and I know plenty of wheel gun enthusiasts who would line up to grab a new off-the-line Python for $800+ and that cycle would repeat until all of us left wanting finally had one in our hot little hand.