Happened to catch a group of Sandy Hook teachers on CBS Sunday Morning and one in particular was bothersome to me. She indicated her husband was an NRA member and he and the children go hunting. Later she went on to say if someone had a gun at the entrance to the school they would have been killed. How exactly do you know that to be fact? Earlier she indicated a magazine limit would have saved lives during the tragedy. Again, how do you know this to be fact? You are a teacher and should be teaching fact to young children, not supposition.

It’s been proven many times over magazines can be switched out in a matter of seconds. In Connecticut a magazine restriction is now in place which does not allow more than 10 rounds to be loaded unless someone is at home or at a range. Yeah, that’ll work. The only person who will adhere to that will be law-abiding citizens and hopefully we have learned people who are not breaking laws are not harming others. As far as someone at the entrance with a firearm being a casualty, I would suggest only if they were caught unaware. Use the recent Canadian rifleman incident as a litmus test and it is immediately clear how a firearm can be used to stop an incident from escalating.

I can understand a group of educators taking up a cause in order to heal after a tragedy, but I cannot understand making statements of fact not based in reality.