My first reaction to the latest from Taurus was, wow, that’s ugly. Then I started to peel the onion and the firearm started to look more attractive. To start with it has an integral flashlight and laser and all the surfaces are curved to stop the pistol from snagging clothing. It also is, well, curved. The firearm twists convex, but IMO that is a slight bit of a flaw only favoring right-handed people. The idea is the firearm has an integral clip so it can be fastened inside the waistband, but for a left-handed person it would need to be concave or essentially a mirror image of the current offering. The magazine is not curved and holds six cartridges so with one in the chamber you have seven ready to go. Another oddity is the firearm has no sights, only a cross at the back. I see this very similar to a Ruger LCP, it is a get off of me pistol you use in close quarters to get someone to leave you alone and stop the threat.

With an MSRP of $392.42 I’d expect this puppy to hit the streets in the $350 or less range. I’m sure many will poo poo the firearm because it is Taurus, but let’s shoot straight for a minute. Taurus has had some quality issues over time, but they have always ironed them out in the end and stood by their warranty. Now I am hopeful this one is good out of the box unlike what Remington did with their R51, and I do believe most of the industry learned from Remington’s mistake in releasing a firearm before it was ready to be introduced.

FWIW, I still think this thing is kinda ugly, but it looks like it has a great personality and beauty is only skin deep so count me in the group who is keeping an eye on the Taurus Curve.