A buddy sent me a bottle of Fullsteam Tree To Sea and I gotta admit I wasn’t expecting what I received. When I first looked at it I thought, oh great, another Fullsteam beer. You see Fullsteam gets a good bit of media attention and the hipsters seem to love it, but I’ve only ran into a handful of their offerings I would go out of my way to get. Most seem pedestrian and while tasty and sometimes innovative, just not brews which blow my socks off. Let me tell you, I need to rethink my philosophy on this brewery after having Tree To Sea. The beer is a gose with spruce tips added. When I saw that on the label I was wondering if it was like Anchor’s Christmas beer where whatever they happen to put in the woodchipper is what you get. In this case what I got was a well made gose with hints of that spruce which added complexity to make an interesting and wonderful brew. Now the beer was highly overcarbonated as you can tell from the photo, but once that carbonation died back what I was left with was a tasty glass of beer from a local brewery. This beer was made for The Rare Beer Club and donations from sales also went to support Pints for Prostates. I doubt you can find this one, but if you do, this 4% ABV gose should be in your fridge. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but it sure was mine. Hats off to Fullsteam!