If you didn’t find something to snag as a deal with the Black Friday sales you were not paying attention. Whereas last year was all safes, this year was firearms and accessories. I saw one rifle at an outstanding price starting at 6 pm on Thanksgiving day and since we were in the vicinity of the store. The price was $50 less than I had ever seen the firearm. We arrived at the store about the time it was to open and there were already several hundred people in line so we bagged it, I wasn’t about to stand in line and then go through the paperwork with a few hundred other people. There were deals to be found in brick and mortar stores as well as online. One deal I snagged was ebay so it probably doesn’t count as Black Friday, but nonetheless it was a terrific deal. Most of the deals are still going on until tomorrow so if you are searching for something I suggest you check Black Friday on Slickguns as well as the daily deals. Amazon is rolling deals continuously and Cyber Monday is tomorrow so I expect the deals to continue into next week.