Seeing the aftermath of the riot in Ferguson just makes me scratch my head and wonder why anyone would do that to a town in which they live. I understand an unarmed man was shot by a police officer and the Grand Jury did not find sufficient evidence to bring charges against the officer and that enrages the citizens of Ferguson, MO, but why burn and loot the city in which you live? It just doesn’t compute to me. Now I will admit I have not been the target of the police and other than being called a redneck from time to time by my wife I have not really been subjected to inappropriate remarks and held back by society on any level. Of course there are millions of Americans who have been targeted by the police and been subjected to racism and they somehow seem to make it through life without burning and looting businesses in their community.

Below is a video from Jonathan Gentry and his thoughts on Ferguson and the events which unfolded in August. He could have recorded that yesterday as it is exactly what transpired in Ferguson on Monday.