Ok, I’m starting to see a few deals pop up here and there, but currently nothing that will get my sorry butt off the couch on Friday. Most everything I have spotted can be had online with the exception of a couple of items which Dick’s has and I would only get if I happened to be beside the place on Friday. Speaking of Dick’s, almost everyone remembers the Troy fiasco from a few years back and it leaves a bad taste in their mouth. Troy is offering an overrun Bravo rifle for 6 bills that ain’t a bad deal. I think the stock looks like something which belongs on a whale, but it might just be your cup of tea. A more interesting black rifle deal is the uppers from DSG. A really nice 5.56 or .300 BLK with a 15″ rail and BCG for 4 bills. Wallyworld is offering 20% off any in stock rifle or shotgun on Friday, but I’m not running across town for most of the firearms they stock at a WalMart. Other than those I’ve not run into anything crazy exciting. If you know of something post a note in the comments, I always love a good deal, especially if I can order it online. 😉