I gotta be honest, in the past I’ve not been a huge fan of our neighbors to the North. They never seemed to get involved and all they do is send people like Justin Bieber south to invade our country and pollute our air(waves). And yes, I wouldn’t care a lick if he was deported. Some recent actions have started to change my mind about the country of Canada. The first instance was the way they handled the Ottawa tragedy. When a terrorist murdered Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and headed into the Canadian Parliament Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers killed the rifleman and saved the day. The news reports were professional and as far as I know no one climbed onto a soapbox to outlaw lever-action rifles.

So I was growing lukewarm to the country and figured that was about as deep as my feelings would ever go. Then on November 18, 2014 the Toronto Maple Leafs were playing the Nashville Predators in Canada and while the National Anthem was being sang the microphone cut out on the performer. The Canadians immediately sprang into action and saved the day. So now I’m even more impressed by our Northern neighbors, before long I might even quit all negative thoughts, especially if they would take Bieber back. Well played Canada, well played!