Last night I opened a 10-year-old Dominion Millennium which was bottled on FEB 19 2004. Back then Millennium was brewed in Ashburn, VA and was an 11.4% ABV Barleywine. Of course today Fordham owns Old Dominion and the beers come out of Delaware and it’s been several years since I’ve run into a bottle or draft from them. This bottle had a twist off cap which I just didn’t have the strength to remove so I grabbed an opener and removed the cap. The beer poured with less than stellar carbonation so I immediately became worried. The first sip was pure hop bittering and I became even more worried. I let it sit a few minutes and the flavor bloomed with a very nice balance between malt and bitterness which became even better as it warmed toward room temp. I’m not suggesting you should age every Barleywine for 10 years, but this one was still delicious a decade later. Note to self, check the fridge to see what else is hanging out in there. 😉