I’ve posted about it before, but I find the kickstarter brewery funding to be begging. I participate on a local homebrew club forum and yesterday we had an aspiring brewery owner join the forum and then immediately post a pathetic kickstarter plea. I know I shouldn’t, but in the back of my head I’m thinking I hope you fail miserably. I’ve never thought much of breweries who have never brewed a drop of beer outside of homebrewed batches who try to lure investors with promises of meaningless stuff. I know enough to know opening a brewery costs an arm and a leg and finding investors can be difficult, but begging on a homebrew forum is pathetic. I do wish new breweries well as they try to open and stay afloat, but know when you put up that kickstarter page you a no better than a person holding a sign on a street corner who is part of a team of panhandlers. There are people who legitimately need the money on the street, but there are also those who are not in need. If $15k is going to mean the difference in your brewery between opening or scrapping the idea then you really shouldn’t open a brewery in the first place.