So I’m perusing the newspaper and came across an article entitled “Microbrewery Zoning Rejected” and I’m once again amazed at the stupidity I see in society. All the hubbub is some parents who objected to a brewery being close to a school. Let’s be clear, this is an elementary school which is diagonal from the property and ACROSS a freaking toll road. The property in question is 11 acres in size. Even if the article has it wrong and the property is directly across from the school, who cares. Unless it is a brewpub the tikes won’t be coming in to play on a jungle gym. Ultimately Dr. Ann Barta, previously an OB/GYN but now a stay at home mom, is the busybody who got the developer to change their zoning permit plans. We have several levels of stupid here. The developer caved to Dr. Mom, probably because a brewery wasn’t planned in the first place they just wanted to keep their permit options opened. After reading the article it makes me glad I don’t live in Apex those folks deserve each other.