Last night the gentlemen beside me at the restaurant were discussing cocktails and the topic which caught my ear was the Old Fashioned. I turned to them and we had a nice discussion of the drink and some local places who made it very well and some who don’t quite grasp the concept. I conveyed some stories of what I had found and we had a nice conversation. What I find interesting about the exchange is they were both 29. I remember one time at a restaurant ordering an Old Fashioned and one of the people in my party said, “Nice drink old man, that was my father’s drink.” Not the type of comment you want to hear about your beverage choice when out for dinner, but it was made in jest. In hindsight I should have ordered him a kids milk in a sippy cup for the old man jibe. It’s good to see cocktails coming back into style, even if they are a bit Old Fashioned. 😉