The NC State Fair is over for 2014 and with it comes some interesting observations. First off many who attended indicated security was lax when present at all. So anyone meaning to do harm could easily have done so. Second Commissioner Troxler and Police Chief Keith promised anyone could have an officer escort them to the car and it seems that just didn’t happen or rarely happened. Two people were robbed at gunpoint on Saturday night returning to their car. I wonder if they had asked for the escort if it would have been available and provided. What would really be sad would be if they did ask and one was not available.

So what can be learned from the fair this year. Concealed carry permit holders were not allowed to enter even thought they should have been according to NC law. People entering the fairgrounds passed through lackluster security which could have easily been circumvented by those with criminal intent. Police presence was lacking and unavailable. Larry B. Wooten had promised an officer for every football field yet just off the fairgrounds two people are robbed at gunpoint. Do you really believe there were that many officers Larry? In summary the fairgrounds and surrounding area are probably not a safe place after dark. Allowing law-abiding citizens to carry concealed would not have impacted anyone with the exception of those with bad intentions. The criminals knew everyone at the fair was unarmed and preyed on the weak. We told you it might happen and unfortunately it did. We can all blame Judge Stephens for allowing the possible to become reality.