Earlier in October I expressed my thoughts on pumpkin beers. Last night I decided to fill the glass with a few and decided there are really two types of pumpkin beers being served. Those that taste good and those that suck. I was lucky enough to have both last night and smart enough to leave the sucky one on the table when I left the establishment. Pumpkin doesn’t have much flavor by itself so breweries rely on spices to get their message across. The second beer was a muted mess of just ok and I didn’t feel like wasting my time to finish it. The first is arguably one of the oldest pumpkin beers although it wasn’t brewed for a while. The beer came about between 1992 and 1999 and I would guess that makes it one of the oldest pumpkin beers in the US. That beer is Cottonwood Pumpkin and it has always been a great beer. I won’t waste your time talking about the other beer I had last night. The recipe was devised by King Don Richardson who is now at Quest in Greenville, SC. For awhile a similar beer was brewed by Catawba when it seemed Carolina Beer & Beverage was no longer going to brew it. Finally Foothills purchased all the brands and resurrected the beer to former glory. If you get a chance to get some Cottonwood Pumpkin that would be worth your time, otherwise it will be a crapshoot whether you will get good beer or not.