I wish that Zupfen Gose had not been my first beer from Steel String Brewery. I wanted to give it some love, but sadly I could not. It wasn’t atrocious or anything and I did drain the bottle, but when cold the flavor was watery and oversparged with tannins in conjunction with an overuse of salt and under-use of coriander. As the beer warmed the flavor improved, but not enough to push this into a new realm. Gose is the hot trend right now, but that doesn’t mean everyone does an awesome job. It was good, but it was sub par as a Gose. Their version was 3.8% ABV and was bottled on 9/22/14 so freshness was not the issue. If they want to make it better, don’t oversparge, lower the salt a skinch and up the coriander a tad. The sourness was just about right, but the tannic nature of the beer just didn’t do it for me. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. I’ll make it a point to try a future batch of it for comparison, but I wouldn’t suggest you rush out to find it based on my single bottle experience.