Last week I found myself at a Sake brewery and they had four offerings available. Their taster flight is three Sakes for nine dollars. So I asked if I could get a fourth so we could try all four. To this day I am still scratching my head over that conversation. The initial response was our board only holds three. I’m thinking then carry the other shot glass in your free hand or make a second trip. Later I pondered if she thought I was asking for a freebie, when in reality I was thinking add-on the last taster and charge me another three beans. Ultimately we settled on three and let it ride, but it made me wonder if I just don’t articulate well at times.

Typically I get a beer and water at the same time and try to more or less consume the same amount of both when I am having a beer. On more than one occasion someone has asked me if I am asking for them mixed. I have noticed over the years that is less and less, but maybe I should just tell them yes to see what they bring me to consume. 😉