NC Commissioner of Agriculture Steve Troxler according to ABC11 came out yesterday and said, “We want to thank Judge Stephens for upholding the longstanding policy banning weapons at the State Fair and for issuing his decision so quickly. The fair-going public will now know what to expect as they make plans to attend the fair. As it always has been, the State Fair is a place for families to come out and have fun, learn about agriculture and enjoy themselves.” I never expected the Commissioner of Agriculture to be front and center in a gun control conversation, but here he is. The law is actually quite clear on the matter and if Steve cannot uphold the law as part of his duties we need to elect someone in 2016 to take his place. It seems like Steve and Larry Wooten must be collaborating and both of them need to find something else to spend their time on. Larry can be put out to pasture just as Steve can and hopefully will be in the next election. I’m just some dude writing a blog, but if these gentlemen cannot understand what the law states then both need to find new employment. I’m not sure what it will take to show Larry the door, but Steve can certainly feel the boot in the bum on November 6, 2016. I’m long on memory and short on patience at this point so if we need a grassroots effort to make it so Number 1 show me where to sign on to the cause.

The NC Statutes are clear, concealed permit holders are permitted to legally carry on the NC State Fairgrounds. If Larry B. Wooten and Steve Troxler cannot read and comprehend the statutes perhaps neither of them is qualified to hold the positions they currently have and should be replaced!

PS: If I were Judge Donald W. Stephens I might think about retirement instead of another term when his office is up for election in 2020.