Maybe it’s time for someone else to be in charge of the NC Farm Bureau. I happened today upon a letter to the editor in the News & Observer from the President of the NC Farm Bureau. Let me start by saying I have been a Farm Bureau member myself for 31 years and my family for much longer than that so I feel a bit of a personal slap in the face by Larry Wooten. I’ve met Larry before and he seems like an intelligent person and a nice guy, but I’m wondering if that is a facade and what his true agenda might turn out to be. Maybe I’m reading too much into a letter to the editor, but the fact Larry felt compelled to say something on behalf of the members of the NC Farm Bureau when he never asked my opinion only goes to show in his role as NC Farm Bureau President he’s like many of our elected officials who ignore their constituents and set out on their own agenda.

In his letter Larry discussed guns at the State Fair which starts this week. I’ve already discussed the law and the fact posting the fairgrounds is not legal. Apparently Agricultural Commissioner Steve Troxler feels he can do as he pleases and a lawsuit has been filed which will ultimately change his mind. I worked at the fair for many years during college and can attest it is not the safest place on earth despite being a destination for many families. It would be interesting to see crime statistics for the fair and areas surrounding it to really demonstrate how unsafe it might be for attendees. I see many people saying they won’t attend the fair if legal guns are allowed, but those ignorant individuals fail to realize there will still be illegal firearms and weapons at the event and no one other than a sparse presence of law enforcement will be there if something tragic occurs.

What Larry and others fail to realize is those who would carry at the State Fair would do so legally after obtaining a concealed handgun permit and all the steps which are required to obtain that permit. Paul Valone of GRNC wrote an excellent Opinion piece entitled, Gun-carriers at NC State Fair would be resource, not hazard which Larry would be well advised to read. What I would ask of Larry is he not represent NC Farm Bureau with his own opinion unless he details the opinion is his own and not that of the people in his organization. If he cannot figure out a way to do that in the future he should step down and find other employment.