If you are an instructor you no doubt are aware several of the major firearms manufacturers offer firearms at a slight discount for instructors to use in their classes. I think of it as inexpensive advertising and have taken advantage of the programs offered by Ruger and S&W and have had my eye on a few others which might prove useful. Sometime last year I sent in the forms for a firearm from S&W. Later in the year I read they had discontinued the program so I figured the order was kaput and didn’t give it a second thought. Imagine my surprise when last week my FFL (doesn’t everyone have one on speed dial?) called. What was odd is they called on my home number and typically I provide my cell. I called them back to see what had arrived and of course they asked if I had ordered anything and I said nothing other than that long ago instructor order. They indicated that was exactly the package so I ran over and picked up the firearm.

Fast forward to my checking my CC bill and seeing a charge which did not jive with my scan of the original order (doesn’t everyone keep scans of everything?). I dropped a note to them asking about the difference and sure enough they had a price increase, but because my order was made long ago held to that price and are refunding the difference. I applaud Smith & Wesson for offering an instructor program and for holding to an antiquated price list. Thanks to any manufacturer who offers a discount for instructors, the programs are useful and appreciated!

Note: If you are an instructor and want to participate in the programs then contact the manufacturers directly for the forms and information.