I was at a range this week and overheard a young buck come in and start to ask what pistols they had for rental and if they had any suggestions for concealed carry. Of course my ears perked up as they took him through the range rules and what he needed to do. It was evident the young man had only a passing knowledge of firearms and was eager to get in and let some lead go downrange. The Safety Officer asked him if I rack the slide what would happen if the magazine was in the firearm after he demonstrated how to clear a firearm with the magazine in the pistol. The kid was stumped. He could not figure out the round would enter the chamber and finally admitted he was a novice. The SO was very nice, but explained they could not let him solo with so little experience and he did not have anyone who could go with him. I started to step up, but figure it was better to let the young man come in with a friend than to have to assume the role of instructor with a student I had never met, nor taught, the rules of gun safety. I just hope he wasn’t too put off, they didn’t tell him to take a class, they simply told him to come back with someone with experience and share the lane with them.