So I’m watching the news and they are talking about this survivalist who murdered a trooper in Pennsylvania. They mentioned an AK-47 had been found along with two (wait for it) clips. I cringe every time the media reports on any firearm because I know they won’t take five minutes to Google the correct terminology. I decided to look through some of the news reports online and it didn’t take long to see the same mistake reported several times. For those who need a lesson, you will be correct 99 times out of 100 if you call it a magazine. There are very few firearms which utilize a clip, so call it a magazine and you’ll almost always be correct.

You can amuse yourself with the following media outlets publications who got it wrong. Magazine clips, AK-47 clips, AK-47 clips, magazine clips, ammo clips, clips, and the best one yet, automatic weapon magazine (the AK-47 style rifle is not automatic).

If you are a media outlet and need a consultant to ensure you reporting is factual, hire one already. I’m guessing the AP put out the note and everyone jumped on board without a fact check in their rush to scoop a story where everyone had the same information at the same time. Take a breath, use the smartphone in your pocket and get it right. Maybe then we could all trust what you report.