I have a wide variety of friends and happened to see a cartoon one posted from the Facebook page of the Coalition To Stop Gun Violence. It was a post from June 10 with their caption, “Time to take our country back.” To me this type of editorial cartoon just demonstrates ignorance. Now it did come from out of Canada so we have to take that into consideration when we start to evaluate the editorial. Perhaps the world has the perception the NRA is holding the nation captive with regard to guns, but if they do it is because of the media, not because of the truth. I find myself disliking the media more and more each and every day. A story is always blown out of proportion or fabricated to sell papers and gain viewers. The person who screams the loudest and the most often wins, right? Only with those viewers and readers who want to believe what they are being told, the truth should be what wins.

The NRA has absolutely no desire to see additional gun violence occur, to even think that is absurd. What the NRA wants is to ensure our Second Amendment rights are guaranteed now and in the future. Do I always agree with the message and how it is presented by the NRA, heck no. We are getting an ad currently on our local stations and it’s pretty pathetic. It shows average jills and joes with guns, but far too many tatoos and unattractive people for my taste. I’m no director, but I think I could make a better video with my cell phone and using some of the students I have had in my classes. I just saw an editorial out of NJ where the author is advocating mandatory gun buybacks. When I see mandatory and buyback I’m smart enough to know that means confiscation. I assume that is what Michael De Adder of the Toronto Sun really means with his editorial. Luckily we have the Second Amendment which will not allow that to happen and Mr. De Adder can stay in Canada and think what the evening news allows him to if he so desires, but if he were to ever become a US citizen then he would have the same protection as other law-abiding citizens.

Now I got to scratching my head over this Coalition To Stop Gun Violence and so I took at look at their most recent 990 filing with the IRS. At first it looked pretty up and up with no one taking any money from the kitty. Now that’s a cause, everyone working for free. But I noticed on the 990 they gave $133K and change in 2012 to something called the EFSGV Consulting. After searching more 990s I found out they are the Educational Fund To Stop Gun Violence and of course they had to file those 2012 990s. Turns out they are robbing from Peter to pay Paul. The Executive Director of both is Joshua Horowitz and he takes $125K out of their funds each year. What’s funny about the 2012 filing by EFSGV is they asked for an extension to file, also the salaries were $266K, but no real indication was given as to why or to whom. I noticed Josh is a John Hopkins visiting scholar at the Bloomberg School of Public Health. Yep, you guessed it Michael Bloomberg had donated over 1.1 Billion to the school. My gut is telling me Josh is on the Bloomberg payroll because Michael wants to have it that way. I’m surprised both the CTSGV and EFSGV operate on so little income, but figure it’s a way to have a Bloomberg employee at the ready when needed under the guise of being a John Hopkins visiting scholar. Oh what a tangled web we weave. Perhaps Bloomberg is the one trying to hold us hostage…