Most of the time I try to keep the names of establishments out of my posts, but last night I found myself in a craft beer wasteland and a little Google search yielded Brewmasters in Wilson, NC. The place touts itself as a gastropub on Facebook and they did serve food, but the real draw is craft beer. Now I did not have any of the food while I was there, but what I saw coming out of the kitchen looked like respectable sandwiches and pub grub. I suspect everything is prepackaged or frozen and then prepared, but I didn’t see anyone complaining. There are only nine drafts at Brewmasters and I’m not sure what the criteria is for selecting. They were a mishmash of beers, some local, some from out-of-state and some imported, but certainly¬†something for everyone. If they did not have something on tap the cooler case is full of singles which can be brought to the bar and consumed. Everything happens at the bar where an IPAD POS system is located to take your order and the beers are poured immediately or the food order passed on to the kitchen. During my visit the place ended up full and people were still coming in and grabbing a stool at the window. The beauty is if you find yourself in Wilson, NC and want to wet your whistle and take home some beer-to-go as well you can. They said October would be their one-year anniversary and unless something changes I suspect they will have to find more space before year two is out.