Cary, NC is home to the newest Field & Stream store in the US. It is essentially a Bass Pro Shop Jr. or a specialized Dick’s depending upon how you look at things. As per usual I went to see what was housed in the firearm department. It was nice to see .22LR in stock, but I didn’t see any screaming bargains. I think this will be much like Dick’s, no reason to go in unless a sale is in progress or you need something specific. The firearm prices seemed high to me, I overheard a gentleman asking about a Marlin 1895 45-70 in SS and they quoted him $899 while the same firearm can be had for $700 or less in other stores and online. What I found hypocritical was the black guns in stock. You may recall after the tragedy in CT Dick’s pulled all their black guns and refused to honor a Black Friday deal on a rifle with hundreds if not thousands of customers. So I probably won’t return to Field & Stream unless there is a great deal I just cannot turn down. With Gander and Bass Pro already in the area and a Cabela’s on the way I just don’t see any reason to drive to the other side of the county without a compelling reason.