Last night we strolled into a wine and beer shop which had those wine vending machines and draft beer. So that is kinda where the shop stopped being much fun. The first thing our group had to do was purchase a card from them for $1 plus tax in order to taste any of the wines. Our group decided to put $10 on the card so it was $11 and change for the opportunity to use the machines. For some reason that seemed to take a ridiculous amount of time to achieve. Over to the side were beers on draft so we selected two we were interested in and waited for the cashier working on the wine card to determine how we go about procuring a beer. He indicated he poured them, so we waited and then he came over and got what we desired. He then indicated we should now pay the cashier and when I walked over to this wonderful young lady who was just a joy to be near she indicated I would have to wait because she was doing something else. I believe our draftsman could see my patience quickly diminishing and went to the other register to check out our purchase. It was $11.98 so I paid $12 cash and it seemed to take forever for that to be completed. Eventually I told him to add the pennies to the little cup at the register so I could finally start to enjoy my refreshment.

So let’s back up and figure out how to make this work better. First off would be to remove the stupid card vending BS. Either turn that into a CC slot or tie it into the POS (Point of Sale) system so one can check out at the register. Keeping up with a separate card for a little obscure wine shop in Raleigh, NC is a PITA. As far as the beer if someone has to go to the taps to pour the beer, why not have a POS register in that area so someone doesn’t have to move to the other side of the store just to buy a beer they already have in their hand. Heck, that person or register could be the one dealing with the wine cards if they are a requirement. The entire thing is confusing to me and seems poorly planned and laid out. I’m sure somewhere there is a hipster who loves the system and raves about it on Yelp and FourSquare, but I’m just not smelling what they are cooking.

On the bright side the store had a nice selection of sausages and cheeses so I may return to check those out, but I’ll be sure to get everything at the same time so I don’t have to deal with Mrs. Wonderful Cashier and her “the customer needs to wait until I am ready attitude.”

Note: Our group had a good time, but it had very little to do with the wine or beer and everything to do with the people we were with. We can have fun any number of places and most of them don’t require four different interactions to get two tastes of wine and two glasses of beer.