Ruger seems to always know how to get your attention. Last week they ran a contest to win a new unannounced firearm. Of course I didn’t win, but a fellow from the Greensboro area did. As it turns out the new product is a Ruger Gunsite Scout chambered in .223/5.56. Previously the rifle was only available in .308 and from all reports is an outstanding firearm. I think the new model makes good sense especially for those who don’t already have a firearm in .308 and don’t want to have to purchase additional ammunition for a single rifle. I’m already seeing some gripes about the magazine being proprietary, but in truth you aren’t going to be shooting hundreds of rounds out of a bolt-action guide gun so at most one might want a single spare magazine since this is not a tactical firearm. I remember the first rifle I used to hunt with was a single shot bolt-action Winchester .22LR. You made your shots count because it took too long to reload. That is how I envision a guide gun in use.

Anyway, the next time Ruger has a contest they should just go ahead and let me win. I think that is more than fair. 😉