Recently my topic was a Wicked Weed beer and basically my disappointment in their bottled offerings. Yesterday I pulled out the final two bottles I had purchased hoping for glory. First I pulled out Malice which is part of their Royal Cache Barrel Reserve Series and was touted as a 100% Brettanomyces beer with blood orange and tamarind. The beer was 6.796% ABV and all I got out of it was a bit of orange and hints of brett. I’m just not sure how you can make something so pedestrian and boring at the same time. It is as if they are trying to created training wheels brett beers. So I held out hope for the final bottle which had a price point of 15 beans. It was named Oblivion and was an 8.796% ABV sour red ale aged in wine barrels with blackberries and dates. In the end it was a mild and pedestrian red ale which had a nice tart nature, but only hints of dates. I was so underwhelmed I decided right then and there I was not going to buy anything else from Wicked Weed in the bottle because they are just too boring to be worth my time. I’ll certainly stop in the brewpub when in Asheville or if I find them on tap somewhere, but bottles from them are off the menu. When every bottle you have had from a brewery is boring, not bad mind you, boring, you just feel life is too short to be wasting time and money on boring. I’m done pulling weeds!