I’ve written on pet peeves before in various posts, but last night the establishment had a nice draft list, but very few of them were actually flowing. They were nice enough to pull the handles from the blow taps, but the printed lists were useless. I asked for a beer on the list, then another on the list, then another on the list, finally I got up and looked at the wall to jot down what was actually there and was not there. I’m not sure why the waitress didn’t just take the list, pull the pages, and cross out the beers which they were out of. Unless they are miraculously going to put those back on the list will have to be trashed anyway so why not help a brother out? Finally we arrived at a few beers I wanted to have and the night progressed, but it shouldn’t take 10-15 minutes for that to happen in a restaurant which wasn’t crowded. I suspect had we sat at the bar I would be posting something else this morning, but is it too much to ask if you print a draft list to remove the beers which are no longer around. Heck, just put up a chalkboard on the wall. At least that way the patron can glance up and determine what is and is not flowing.