Last night I cracked open a bottle of Wicked Weed Hipster Nouveau which is part of their Terra Locale series using local ingredients. Hipster Nouveau was released on June 20, 2014 and I was expecting something magical out of the Brettanomyces Saison with Rhubarb. Now what I got was a bone dry saison without much Brett character. I also didn’t pick up any discernible Rhubarb. Basically I didn’t get much of anything from the 6.096% ABV beer (how exactly they are getting that accurate is beyond me). I’m a fan of Wicked Weed beers at the brewpub, but thus far the bottled offerings are underwhelming. Against my better judgement I recently picked up four bottles, one was a repeat to make sure my tastebuds were not failing me and three were new. The repeat was just as boring as the first time I had it and Hipster Nouveau was pedestrian as well. Perhaps this is designed to be a training wheels Brett beer to allow the Hipsters to actually be able to drink it and stay cool, but for me it missed the mark. I have two more shots at glory in the fridge, but I suspect they will be boredom in a bottle as well. Anyway, my fingers are crossed so stay tuned, they will probably be consumed sooner rather than later.