Ezra Brooks (Heaven Hill) makes a divine little Bourbon named Ezra B and you should run out and get yourself a bottle when you have a chance if you like to keep some variety in your Bourbon stash. It’s a 12-year-old single barrel and I decided to open up the bottle and put it over ice last night and my gosh that is a nice glass of Bourbon, nice enough that I poured myself a second glass. I don’t recall it being too expensive, perhaps a $35 price point. I probably should have tried it neat before posting, but I last night I just wanted a bit of ice. The aroma was subdued, but the flavor was spot on. Not too harsh, not too sweet, nice character of aging with hints of smoke and smooth as silk. It rings in at 99 proof and is nicely toasty and a pleasure to consume. Now at $35 there are Bourbons I might prefer more, but I like variety and to mix it up by having something different with each glass so I can see keeping this one around to keep it lively.