I happened across a couple of bottles of Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel while sneaking across the border into SC and decided to bring them home to roost. The reviews have been very good and with a $36 price point they were on the affordable side. To be honest I actually got two bottles from two different stores. The rub is I believe they are from the same exact barrel. When first poured the nose had a fusel nail polish note which I found disturbing in a Bourbon with so many good reviews. I kept trying it neat and just could not get past that alcohol fueled aromatic. So I went to my back up plan which is over an extra-large single ice-cube. Turns out that combination is almost magic in a glass. The water added from the ice cools the alcohol and tames the aroma. The flavor becomes just what the doctor ordered without being too dry nor too sweet. It’s like Goldilocks found the bed which was just right. So if you find this anywhere out and about I would suggest you pick up a bottle and give it a whirl. At first I was disappointed I had purchased two bottles and now I’m so glad I did.

Note: Last week at a watering hole I had the Elmer T. Lee Commemorative 1919-2013 and to be honest this batch was far too subdued. Neat was the way I enjoyed it and it really seemed tame compared to some of the other Bourbons I had that night. You can recognize it by the black label instead of the stenciled clear lettering. I doubt you will find it at a store, but it might be lurking on the shelf of a bar near you.