The video below is disturbing, please use discretion in viewing.

I happened upon the video of Kajieme Powell and his confrontation with the St. Louis County Police Department. There can be little doubt Kajieme was looking for a confrontation, was off some kind of medication, or was self medicated. He asked the officers to shoot him and they did, to death. It is clear he has his hand in his pocket, but I never saw a knife and in the back of my head I keep wondering just how big a knife in your coat pocket really is. In a few seconds the police decided to end the life of this young man and maybe I am in the minority, but I’m not seeing a situation which required deadly force. I would have thought one officer would be ready with a taser and the other with a pistol as backup in case the taser was not effective. Kajieme was definitely heading toward the officer and when the video is viewed full screen he appears to be about 15 feet or less away moving toward the officer when the first shots are fired. I question if it takes 12 shots to stop the threat and if a man shot 12 times really needs to be handcuffed.

I don’t believe this incident has any relevance to the situation in Ferguson, but it will be interesting to see if the officers face any charges for their actions in this situation. I know I have questions and if I do then others probably do as well.

Again, the video is disturbing, please use discretion in viewing.