I’ve always said I’d rather have 20 well-chosen taps over 200 taps of crap. Last night at a local restaurant the list was small, compact, and well-chosen. There was nothing exotic or crazy, but something for everyone with a Kolsch, Scottish, ESB, IPA, etc. The taps were quality and there was no crap was on tap. I really appreciated having those options and it made the dining experience very enjoyable. More restaurants should adopt a similar strategy. I grow tired of only seeing BMC and Shock Top or Blue Moon available. It isn’t that difficult to devise a draft list that will please most everyone. Of course some restaurants only want to please the BMC crowd and I typically do not gravitate to them and their price points tend to be lower. With a nice craft beer list the quality of the food and prices tend to be higher and I’m willing to pay for quality and flavor.